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Why Am I Still Getting NOD Calls?

Depending which state you are located, within few days of NOD being recorded against your property it will show up in various platforms. Different states have different rules. California has the following rule:

Once a Notice of Default (NOD) gets recorded, it enters pre foreclosure stage. In CA, it is not required to record rescissions (cancellations) of NODs, therefore it can not be tracked unless it is sold to another party,\ or a Notice of Trustee Sales has been recorded against the property.

You may have already settled the debt with the lender but because it is not a requirement to record cancellation of NOD, unfortunately your property will show up whenever someone is searching for NODs. Most reputable platforms remove the names from the list within 180 days of recoding date.

What you can do when you happen to answer a call is kindly inform the person who is contacting you that you have already settled the debt, and ask them to remove your contact information from their list.

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