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Notice of Default Foreclosure Process

So you have received a Notice of Default (NOD) and are wondering what the Notice of Default Foreclosure Process is?

When you receive an NOD on your property that means you have behind in your mortgage payments and now the lender is starting the notice of default foreclosure process. Typically you will receive 3 notices (one every 30 days) for three consecutive months. At the end of the 90th day, you will receive the NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE.

Notice of Trustee Sale is giving you a notice that you have 21 days to cure the late payments and bring the loan current. This notice will have information on the date of the foreclosure sale, location where the sale will take place and the amount you need to stop the sale.

You as a borrower have options, but you must act quickly.

You can see if you qualify for LOAN MODIFICATION or would like to go through SHORT SALE process.

As Certified Short Sale specialists, we are able to review your situation and come up with solutions.

Call or text Arminé Ghevian at (818-389-4465) and we would walk you through the process.

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