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Best Dog Parks in LA

Ever wonder where are the best places to allow your dog to run freely and enjoy the outdoors? Here is a list of my top Dog Parks in LA:

Sepulveda Basin

This park offers great large dirt and grass areas that are perfect for any dog.  Enjoy lunch in the beautiful outdoors with your four-legged friend. Sepulveda Basin offers a great place for picnics as there are many picnic tables nearby.

Lake Hollywood Park

Under the peak of Mt. Lee & the famous Hollywood Sign. This park is incredibly popular among locals and tourists alike. With beautiful views, large areas to roam and run, and well maintained grass, this park is perfect for any owner & dog duo. This gem, in the heart of Hollywood, is a perfect way for you and your dog to experience true Hollywood and LA living.  Though be weary of leash rules in the park!

Alice’s Dog Park

This is a perfect place if you are looking for an off-leash play space for your dog. This hilly park is protected by a double fence so you and your dog will completely enjoy its isolated shade and safety.

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Located, you guessed it, off of Laurel Canyon this dog park gives a great glimpse to Hollywood Hills living for its pup residents. Considered to be the largest dog park in all of Los Angeles, there is enough room to tire out the most energetic dogs. Did I mention the views? The park, near Mulholland, offers gorgeous views of Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley.

Griffith Park Dog Park

Located in the center of Griffith Park, this escape for “man’s best friend” offers a 1.6 acre fenced area where you can let your dog truly run freely. Also, if you decide to go on a hike afterwards, there are a number of options nearby.

Hermon Dog Park

This off-leash dog park also includes fenced separate areas for small and large dogs. Hermon Dog Park offers plenty of shade and mud-free play areas.  Located in the back of Arroyo Seco Park it is easy to miss, and therefore, is often more quiet than many other LA dog parks.

The Bone Yard

This is a dog park within a park where everyone can enjoy the clean area. The park’s new gravel will help to keep your dog clean; something only imaginable at many other dog parks in the area.

Silver Lake Dog Park

This 1.25 acre off-leash dog park is located in the heart of Silver Lake right next to the reservoir. Though the park is a bit small, it is a great space for your dog in the heart of LA.  There are also many paths along the reservoir and city streets to run with your dog as well.

Do you have a suggestion for another great Dog Park I may have missed? Tell us in the comments below! Luckily, Los Angeles has some of the best dog parks a major city can offer.  So grab your poop bag, treats, and play toys and visit all the dog parks in LA.

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